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  1. Hello, I have made installation of brand new two cameras(hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-IT3F) and a DVR (hikvision DS-7108HUHI-K1). It was a complect so I was not bothered that something will not work, but after putting the cameras on place and powering them and the DVR, the DVR turns on and I get picture of what the two cameras "see" and after about 10-15 seconds I get "no video" on both cameras at the same time. What could that be? The connectors on the coax are putted by me, I checked for dc voltage on the end of the cables and I get constant 12v. Please help me, because I do not know where the problem might be.
  2. pancake95

    How properly to connect DVR ground

  3. pancake95

    How properly to connect DVR ground

    Okay, but if I want to connect the ground. Where should I put it? And is it better to use the power adapter for the DVR separately or to connect the DVR to the power distribution box too? Thank you for your reply by the way.
  4. Hello all, I am kinda new to the forum and struggling with installation so here I am asking. On the user guide which came with my DVR is said to connect the ground bolt first before going further and I want to ask for the proper grounding. Should I just put a wire on the grounding bolt of the DVR and to connect the other end of the wire to the negative rail of the power distribution box? Or is there some other way of connecting the ground of which I have not thought? Only to say that the DVR came with power adapter gor itself so I think of either using the adapter and connect the DVR ground as I described or use connector, wire it to the power distribution box and connect the ground as I described. How should I do it ? Because in electronics negative rail is used as GND so I thought I should use the negative rail, sorry if I was ignorant in my assumption. The power distribution box is with ten connections, it was said that is for 8 cameras. So I assume that there is one connection made for the DVR and one spare. Thank you for the help and advices that you will give me.