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  1. pauljjarvis86

    Colorvu, darkfighter , darkfighterx

    Colourvu have exceptionally low light sensors with improved F stop and are designed to stay in colour all of the time with the aid of an ambient warm light built in to the camera. Dark fighter X combines two sensors (colour and B&W with infrared) together to achieve amazing results with colour in low light at long distances. You then have Powered by Darkfighter which is found in the lower cost range which is primarily software processing to improve low light performance and achieve colour images down to low light levels. True Darkfighter technology is usually found in the higher end cameras and large PTZ's. These actually have larger sensors as well as software processing to achieve very low light images in colour without large amounts of noise.
  2. pauljjarvis86

    Advice please on HIKVISION system

    I would recommend looking at the Hilook range from Hikvision. It's Hikvisions lower cost solution for domestic and small business applications. Don't risk buying Hikvision from eBay, it will be from a non authorised source and you are unlikely to get any warranty. We have found the Hilook stuff to be spot on price/reliability wise for small jobs. If your not a trade installer you will probably find it difficult to buy Hikvision as authorised re-sellers wont sell to end users so this is the next best thing. I would recommend this camera as it has a good night vision range https://connectec.uk/security/cctv/cctv-cameras/diy-analogue-cctv-cameras/hilook-thc-t240-m-4mp-tvi-turret-camera?variant_id=13110#variant-details I would avoid using dome cameras outside as they suffer quite badly from infrared bounce back when the dome cover gets wet or dirty and the night vision ends up being really poor. Look at the turrets or bullets. If you can stretch to an IP system you will get better image quality and a much neater install as the cameras run off a single ethernet cable and power from the recorder so there's no messy power supplies etc back at the recorder end. You get all the usual app access on your phone.They have a really good deal on a 4mp IP camera at the moment that has a cracking image. https://connectec.uk/security/cctv/cctv-cameras/diy-ip-cctv-cameras/hiwatch-ipc-b140-4-megapixel-hd-compact-ip-bullet-camera The Hilook recorders will usually display 4x 1080p cameras at once which is all you will really need when split in to 4. With higher resolution you will benefit from a better quality digital zoom on playback.