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  1. Currently I own and old DVR Hikvision - DS-7204HVI-SV As it turns out, it doesnt support smtp+TLS, and all my mail servers require it. So I thought it is best time to replace my DVR with more recent model. I tried the hikvision website but...it is so painful to browse and compare the models...so I have decided to ask people on the forum I am looking for a DVR supporting: - 4 cameras (no need for more) - SMTP+TLS - possibly a shell (sh/zsh...). I have no idea whether there are such DVRs but I thought I might ask. I tried googling for such DVRs but the words used to search result in completely irrelevant pages SHELL: I am fully aware of multiple vulns in DVRs (like SWANN) (http://console-cowboys.blogspot.com/2013/01/swann-song-dvr-insecurity.html), but this is what I actually need - access to shell. If it is not secure, then I'll be able to secure it, and I'd find it very useful. Thank you so much!