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  1. Hello, i have installed a NVR and ip cameras from hikvision. The network is based on passive optical netowrk - EPON I have set up all ip addresses and everything. We have to use this type of netowrk because of long distances and small amount of free fibers. So, problem is : - from computer i can access both cameras and NVR. In NVR i can see that cameras are connected. When i look into camera i can see user operator connected - NVR. So, connection works, but real view do not work. Even recording works, in NVR i can see recorded videos e.g. 2 days ago. (recorded video is from NVRs HDD) Where could be problem with live view streams? I do not know what else i should set up in EPON. Is it possible that EPON blocks some type of communication? - Camera and NVR communicate over RTSP 554 and 8000 http-alt Also, in ivms 4200 when i connect nvr there is same problem - cannot see live streams. Sometimes it shows error HCNetSDK.dll error 11 Ťhank you for help. Sorry, my english