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  1. Hi all, Waiting response from HIK support for a week now, but doubt they will reply. Here is what I sent to support on 11th Jun 2019: (about 1 PM CEST same day, when I collected this XML from NVR) AwAAACtjmBZDDdfuGP1wqe/3E378qxYxCPLH7NmRoO3UO58tpnS2wQCHk3wAyduVhB10ZgeBogs08B0aTre1nXLs3QjHCY0cUgy25/rNDIIKjDMBr97yIp8QEE1DX0xLdIHxWnuuNFqx5jEDaT5oZhHZ/2LFyUoXqB7BOPp5P1pAeSw1DS-7208HUHI-K20820181120CCWRC70906214WCVU Anyone can help? I even tried SDK for 64bit Windows someone suggested from the forum, but ClientDemoEn application didn't offer something like password reset. Thank you Kind regards