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  1. tom is right, you should buy a 5-1 Hybrid DVR such as Dahua or Dahua OEM XVR DVR, this systems will support HDCVI, TVI,AHD, Analog, IP too
  2. Jess

    HD-CVI to AHD or CVI?

    what you can do is purchase a Dahua OEM HDCVI camera 2MP fixed lens usually go for about 36-45 dollars
  3. Jess

    Need a really good hd nightvision cctv cam

    did you installed a software on your PC? if you did you open the folder and go to the main menu
  4. Jess

    Resolution Headaches

    you're problem is that you are trying to connect an ANALOG camera to a NVR system, they are not compatible. you need to return the HD Analog camera and purchase an IP network camera like ebay item# 292900457081
  5. Jess

    Need a really good hd nightvision cctv cam

    this system is NOT 1080p just by looking at the link you provided it tells you that this is 720p resolution system, thats why it looks like that. when you log in try to set it up to MAIN STREAM that should make the image a bit better
  6. Jess

    splicing cables

    this looks like 18/2 power cable
  7. usually an installer will use 1-1.5amp 12VDC power transformer per camera, you will be better off using a power distribution box
  8. Jess

    what analog camera will work

    you need to focus on the lens remember the lower the lens MM the wider the view gets usually for 2.8MM will do that will give you approximate 120 degree field of view ( give or take )
  9. yes it is possible to view both NVRs since both are Hik, click on add devise