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  1. Blonderay

    Qvis Zeus MK2 password reset

    No worries mate , just got to sort out mine now- trying to find out what settings I need to change in the router - router knows it’s there but info being blocked.
  2. Blonderay

    Qvis Zeus MK2 password reset

    I had the same problem with mine and I just kept persevering. I think I eventually managed to get in to 888888's account using 000000 I then set up my own account Menu Advanced Account Add user I then signed in and deleted the 888888 account You probably know the above when you've got in but I hope that helps.... Other passwords I tried (as I cant remember exactly which one eventually worked ), were 09876 012345 and as above Good luck..... I'm in but can't get the settings right to view remotely, PC and phone
  3. Blonderay

    apollo DVR help

    Can somebody please help me I have a Qvis Apollo DVR and am trying to connect to my internet to allow access via pc and phone (Galaxy A13) I've tried everything I can think of but with no avail - I'm sure its something simple .. ip Address or port setting but can't fathom it out.......
  4. Blonderay


    Hi, I'm trying to set up port forwarding for a qvis dvr and can't find the mobile port anywhere on my dvr..... Can anyone help me please?
  5. Hi, can anyone please help with the master password for a zeus mk2 lite sf4 date 01.01.2000 I have tried all the obvious? Looking at the options for password entry I have : Admin 666666 888888 is this right? Tyia