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  1. wackostylee

    Floureon H.264 ahb7004t-mh-v2 firmware issue

    Hi wanted to give you an update on this, I contacted Floureon via their Facebook page and I got a reply this morning, they sent me a recovery image which I will share with you guys here Floureon h.264 based Cctv systems https://s3.amazonaws.com/ebayimg.appinthestore.com/FLOUREON/Firmware/DVR+update.rar Download and extract the files to a fresh USB with no other files on the drive, I'm assuming it will have to be fat32 as Linux based systems can read fat32, insert into the USB port of the DVR box and reboot, while it powers on it will restore the firmware with the one on the image file provided. I am going to go and do this now so I'll update you as to whether it is successful or not.
  2. hi there, i have a Floureon h,264 DVR system with 8 camera ports, the model is ahb7004t-mh-v2 and the firmware was v4.02.r11.34500142 and i followed the instructions from the manufacturer and found a firmware update via: http://www.xiongmaitech.com/en/index.php/service/down_detail/13/169 00000142(AHB7004T-MH-V2)firmware Version:V4.02.R11.00000142.1 i used the software provided to do a firmware upgrade and it worked, it said upgrade complete on the program, after i did this i went up the dvr system and it now doesnt show any picture for the cameras, which there was a picture before the upgrade. please can anyone help me before i go and buy a new system???