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  1. Hi I purchased a Hikvision cctv kit from USE IP 8mp latest turret cameras with an 8channel NRV My issue is night vision motion blur is so bad it’s deemed unusable. My camera is 4mm and mounted around 4m in the air and has clear vision onto a footpath. If anyone walks past or even a cat walks past the motion blur is so bad you can’t make anything out. Even at default settings I wouldn’t expect this from a reputable company? My old eBay specials at 2mp we’re honestly better at night any advice to improve motion blur blur would be great my cams are : DS 2CD2385G1 4mm NVR: DS 7608NI I2/8P Firmware : v4.1.63
  2. This is the sort of answer I was after! Thankyou Tom!! I haven’t heard of Avis but I will have a look and see if I can find a seller
  3. Thanks Larry, it’s not the quality it’s everything else with CCTV, longevity, build quality ease of use ect. Hence why I’m asking on a CCTV forum. I ain’t going round he’s house playing with it for an hour lol it’s 4k so obviously good quality. But so I’m my 2mp camera in broad day light. Come night tho it’s slow laggy when people walk past, software is horrid to use. Just want a recommended brand that people go to... someone must be able to advise on a cctv forum
  4. Hi, Thought id post a question here as I can’t seem to get straight answeres from shops or they just try to smell me any old crap. Im after a CCTV kit 8ch NVR but i only want 4/5 cameras but I may add 1 or 2 in future hence 8ch nvr its going onto a standard 4 bed detached property I’ve already got an old 2mp cheap Ebay job on my house which is useless. With all the break ins lately I’ve caught people on my cctv but the image quality is so poor and stuttery it’s pointless having it (2mp POE Annke off eBay) (cheap) So it’s getting ripped out n dashed! I don’t want to pay cheap again I’m hoping £1000 which was my budget could see me a half decent system? Now my neighbour has just had a SWANN 4K 885NSB installed and he loves it. However I was under the impression SWANN was gash? But maybe I’m wrong I have no idea only I know maplins use to sell them. Perhaps the new stuff is good? Failing that I’m seeing Hikvision a lot but when I call shops they won’t talk to me as I’m not an installer and then people on eBay only have Chinese ones. (Not sure who to believe or what’s genuine with it all) Other brands I’ve come across PROLUX, DAHUA As you guys are the pros and probs install this daily what’s your recommendations for me? Don’t forget I’ve got £1000+ VAT to spend as I’ll claim it through my company. I’ll install it myself as I’m an engineer I’ll run some CAT 6 in and all the usual stuff its just the kit I need help on. Midlands based if there any places local that sell good kits other then online cheers guys