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  1. Hey all, Im new on here so i hope this is in the right spot :) I need a little help and some guidance in trying to find the correct device to display live stream video from a group of cams. My boss wants me to put a device hooked up to a TV that shows him all the front ends of his stores. I know i could do a PC with software, (ive used nvms7000) but as you add more cams the live stream gets laggy even with an I7 and 64 gigs ram. When i look at an NVR that plays live stream its nice and smooth. And if you open up an NVR theirs nothing but hard drives and the board. Is it because im merging multiple NVR,s over different VPNs? Is there a device i can easily link to all the NVR's and display the cams that he wants? Thanks in advance for any help, Dan