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  1. WHAT2DO

    Wired to wireless

    The NVR is 8 channel, we use 6 of them wired. And would like the other two wireless. Would it work to keep the 6 cameras the same, and purchase 2 zmodo wireless cameras. Then place a router in the camper with an external antenna so the wireless cameras are able to pick up the network signal from the router and then connect the router to the NVR? This bypassing an extender and zmodo switch box? We wouldn’t be using internet, but just the local network signal of the router.
  2. Looking for advance on how too and what to purchase. I currently have an 8 channel zmodo NVR with all wired cameras. I’m needing to place 2 cameras approximately 500 feet away (as the crow flies) and would like to purchase a wireless transmitter/receiver kit. Other info:The cameras are IP cams, ethernet to mini USB connections. I am able to place the transmitters on raised poles to get better view. The NVR is based out of an RV and the cameras are all out doors with power outlets near by. There is not WiFi in the area to network through. The system is for recording and local monitoring.