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  1. Hi, The issue is actually not resolved. Still having this problem. The issue is with the infrared light. Once this is off, no white lines. Please see the attached images. There are no cobwebs and the area the camera is in (as you can see has no interference). Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks
  2. Hi, Thank you, everyone, for contributing. As I said, there is no spider webs or any other kind of webs around or in front of the lights. With the help of "jeromephone" (Thanks), the issue was with the IR light. I turned this off any problem has gone away. To compensate I have turned on the "light switch" in the console (Can't recall the precise name as and I am not at home to check) and this has helped at night. Little frustrated this was mentioned by support to try... Thanks all.
  3. Hi, Wondering if someone could help me with my home CCTV system. At night I have a strange white(ish) light on both my front and rear camera. Please look at the images. Any idea what this is? I have spoken to Reolink support who suggested it’s a cobweb – It’s not… Camera Model – Reolink -RLC-410 Thanks Matt