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  1. aidancar

    Distortion on certain cameras

    Thanks for your reply, it is likely the low quality cable as you suggested. The issue persists throughout the day as well when the ir is off. It’s strange though, sometimes the distortion will all just go away in one instant. This only lasts for a couple of minutes of course before it returns. Here’s a sample:
  2. Hello, I have several Q-See cameras installed around my house, some of which get tiny fuzzy looking black dots/lines all around the image. I had taken one of these cameras completely apart and cleaned it, which did not help. The dots do not move around or jitter at all which is what made me originally believe it to be dirt. I then noticed there are some times they will vanish for a day or so before coming back so the dirt option went out the window with that. All of the cameras are connected to the same 12v 10a power supply which is plugged into the same outlet as the DVR. Any ideas what could be causing this distortion? Thanks Drive link shows 2 problem cameras and one that never had this issue. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-1XN_uYaZYLHWTEo_w0mVklmH_fGtNN5