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  1. Sorry, but that doesn't work. I installed "Guarding Expert" v2.6.1.50 from GuardingExpert.exe that I found on the HiWatch mini-CDs that came with the NVR or cameras. Same problem, it says the password is wrong. Now I found out that the HiWatch NVR also says incorrect password when it tries to connect to a Hikvision camera. It appears Hikvision have deliberately made them incompatible.
  2. Did you resolve your problem? It looks to me like your NVR isn't even on the network - can you reach that IP address through a web browser, or ping it? I can't think why DHCP would be greyed out, unless perhaps the cable isn't plugged in? You did plug it into the right port on the NVR, didn't you?
  3. This is interesting, I am trying to get iVMS-4200 to work with Hiwatch NVR and get the same problem. Did using the old Hiwatch version solve the problem? I have seen on ipcamtalk that someone found they could get it to work if they changed their network structure - I think they had to have the NVR and computer both cabled directly to the router, but it's not clear from the post.