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  1. Rigth now I need help in solving tow bugs: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56859767/opengl-qml-item-video-of-one-item-appears-in-the-other-when-theres-nothing-to https://github.com/status-im/react-native-desktop/issues/479 but ANY help involving the project is appreciated.
  2. I'm in a mission to build an open source NVR in React Native, so it should work on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. The ONVIF/RTSP and decoding are in C++, so the same code is used throughout al devices, and the user interface is in javascript (react native). Rigth now I'm developing the desktop version in React Native Desktop, which is a port of React Native based on QT that works on Windows, Linux and Mac. I already have a QT class that can show image from my cameras. I'm integrating it into React Native Desktop, but I gotta sort some bugs out. I'm looking for people intersted in helping the development of the app I have plans to integrate it with Nvidia Jetson Nano which is a $99 board that can decode 8 1080p h264 streams, so it should handle 32 360p streams just fine, and should be able to record 1080p streams into disk through SSD I guess (or USB 3.0, maybe) The link to my project: https://github.com/lucaszanella/orwell