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  1. Hi All!! We recently purchased a home that had a pre WW2 security system. Since we already have all Nest stuff in the house (thermostats, hello, dropcams in baby rooms, protect..) I thought it would be easier to just mount up some outdoor cams. We have a commercial grade WiFi system so we have plenty of juice to power multiple cams. I was open to NVR system (tried to salvage the existing wiring) but several techs said the existing wiring is so old that they’d want to replace it anyway. So here we are. Nest. 😐 I pulled one of the old cameras and found a number of wires, picture attached. I was able to unplug the camera at the power and confirm there is no current running to the wires. My goal, if possible, is to just splice the nest cams to the existing wires system, as opposed to having to drill new holes and run the nest power to an outlet. Is this in the cards for me? Can I somehow splice/salvage the existing hardwire system from the old cameras to power the new Nest? From the wires, I’m assuming yellow is probably video, red sound? Which wire would carry power? Which is ground? Any help or pro tip is much appreciated. I can run the nest power cables, just hoping to save some time and use the existing reasonably well hidden wiring.. thabks!!!! 🤘