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  1. It looks like Pork can talk now! or, Avek has re registered as Juanfischer and is still talking drivel... Mods, can you lock this thread please as its obvious we are not going to get any sensible answers and nearly two years on, any reply is a bit late...
  2. What a stupid answer... Why post if you have nothing constructive to say.... Use a camera that sticks well?? really?? And one that connects easily?? 18mts down the line and you answer with drivel!!
  3. Hi, I have just re-instaled an QOHO HGV DVR system to a VOLVO Truck, with a DVR production date of 2015, so its not the latest tech... Its a qh mdvr8104hg. I was unable to install the old cameras, as the vehicles owner didn't want old tatty cameras on his brand new £120,000 vehicle... Now to my dilemma, It has issues with the side cameras I have been supplied... They will not bring a picture through... you can see a shadow on the monitor if you run your hand in front of the lens, although you cannot make out your hand, just the shadow cast, but everything is in black and white and also has lines running across the monitor... The old cameras were 700TVL MC512 cameras... Now, do I have to source the same 700TVL ones or is there another version I can use instead, as all the MC 512 ones seem to be in China and around 4 to 6 weeks away... Can I use 460TVL or 600 TVL? or anything else instead?? I tried a number of 700 TV cameras with out the L on the end and none of them worked at all. Would 720P or 1080P work?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, FinsDad.