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    Hello from England

    Hi everyone, I am here hoping to get guidance on setting up 3-4 cameras in my summer house which we visit once a year. I would like to connect them to the WiFi and use a local or remote private server for videos and photo uploads. No cloud and no third party external servers should be involved. From what little I have read I can download software to host a server on my own PC, but the cameras must be configurable to be able to talk to that server over the WiFi and use the right/standard comms protocols too. I do not know what protocols these are but I guess there must be standards and open-source servers. I do not mind spending the time learning and setting up the server, as long as the cameras I buy support this. I would probable place the cameras on table tops around the house and they will be plugged into a nearby power socket most likely, but will need to use the WiFi for sending data and receiving instructions. Any help much appreciated!