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  1. Hi Tom, The DVR doesn't reboot, after a random period of time the display will show "Upgrade in progress please do not turn off the device" The only solution is to force the DVR off manually as it remains in this "Upgrade in progress" window forever/ Cameras are all BNC connected, not sure if that tells you what you need to know, if not, I can check the DVR tomorrow.
  2. Hi all, I've taken over a DVR for a friend of mine, they are having issues with it crashing daily trying to do an "Upgrade please do not turn off" Basically, the DVR locks up during this and doesn't respond to any input, the only fix is to turn the power off and on, the DVR then returns to normal operation. I've had a look on the QVIS website for the Quattro DVR, they have a fair few DVR firmware available for the range. https://support.qvisglobal.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000142632-Quattro-Quattro-Pro-4X-4X5-Q4-Firmwares I can't make much sense out of it, I don't want to apply one of these randomly and have it brick the DVR completely. Some more details about this particular DVR. QVIS 8CH Analogue (label on the bottom says Quattro-v2) SYSTEM - V4.02.R11.B6996140.12201.141500.00100 Build Date 23-12-2016 10:27:04 Serial No 047455eadefbbd55 Status 17391 Does anyone know what Firmware this DVR needs? or how to find out? Thanks Barry