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  1. If you email Geovision Support with the serial number they can tell you. I think I might have even called usa geovision and they gave me an answer. Or was it quick chat... grrrrr can't remember. But they can/will tell you. I just loaded 8.7 on to a pci slot (not pci express) 1480 using windows 7 home premium (32 bit) and it worked fine. That card is probably 5 years old or more.
  2. Todd

    GV-AView on AT&T 4G

    I have Verizon, 4G and a Galaxy Note 2. No problems. Worked fine on an S3 as well.
  3. Todd


    I believe if it's not Geovision, you will need a dongle/license. You do not need a license if you buy the Geovision camera.
  4. Todd

    Constant recording. No motion detection

    I will give that a try today as a matter of fact. I'll report back later. Thanks
  5. Todd

    Constant recording. No motion detection

    I've got the analogs fairly shut down now. cpu is around 25-40%. I'm on motion recording only. Using advanced detection, noise tolerance etc. May try upgrading firmware but I think I did that on some of them already last year. Will check version. I'm on 8.5.3 I think. I have a copy of 8.5.7 since I just built another one today and that was in the box. I also turned off pre record on the hdd and went to ram. I just cancelled the post record as well. I think that is helping a bit but still not perfect. I've gone so far as to completely block an aisle off with some small windows to trigger motion detection if they walk through. It's been kind of a pita.
  6. Todd

    Constant recording. No motion detection

    The problem is with the included GV-CB220 cameras. They record constant. I have used advanced motion detection, masked like crazy and they still record. Open to suggestions. Each camera has it's own power supply.
  7. Todd

    Geovision gv-650b strange artifacts - Pic

    I've got this on one system as well. If you have a master password and a user password you might find it's only happening on the user password and not the master. I haven't checked that out yet but I think that might be the reason. Switch to the master and see if it's there. The software might think it's looking at a face. That's the only thing I've come up with.
  8. Todd

    POS Live

    Sorry, I just realized you had a box. I'm using it without a box. I have a new box sitting here and there is a disk in it that says data capture V3E. Other than that, I'm pretty ignorant. I decided since my registers were networked it was easier to do with the Usb Dongle.
  9. Todd

    POS Live

    It's part of the geovision software. You will also need a dongle on your server.
  10. Todd

    Geovision 1240 system freeze

    Check hard drive(s). Data is being sent to drive but it can't take it all so it basically backs up and system jerks once data goes through. You may be able to test it simply by stopping monitoring (recording) and seeing what happens. I had something similar and can't remember exactly what ended up tipping it off, but I would look into that.
  11. Todd

    Geovision 1120 dmmulticam no priviledge

    If you are attempting at view this system from a computer off site that "used" to view the system, you may be in for a pickle. You have to completly uninstall everything including do some registry edits to get rid of all pieces of the Geovision software. It's a pita but it worked for me. I'll look and see if I can find the instructions on how to do it.
  12. Todd

    geovision gv-1480 cards

    The Geovision card you put into the computer needs a power connector (normaly called a molex connector) plugged into it. After that, install the drivers on the CD. The card should show up in the device manager as a dvr card. Without power, it won't see it. The new GV1480B cards don't need the power connector anymore but must have a 4X pci e slot or larger.
  13. That picture looks like PAP (picture and picture). Are those photos all from the same camera? or is it a mix? If single camera, right click image and see if PAP is checked.
  14. I am having a problem with many cameras recording constantly. Day or night, motion or nothing. Things I have done: Turned sensitivity to 8 Masked entire screen except a few "trip" areas to enable motion. Advanced detection and did same thing also increased the "noise" reduction. None of that worked. For the life of me, I can't stop them from recording. I don't want to change the detection to less than 9 or 8 since it won't pick up someone standing in the middle of the aisle at 40 feet or so. Any ideas what I should look for. This is happening on ALL the IP cams and about 1/2 or more on the 16 analogs. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks as always
  15. Todd

    High-res live video from phone?

    In the web server setup on the video tab. There is a setting for normal, large and actual size if memory serves me correctly. This is on the DVR. My android phone looks very nice. I looked on an Ipad and it wasn't too great though.