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  1. Kmag454


    I’m interested in turrets due to the fact I need the wide angle and the majority of the cameras are facing towards the sun therefore dimes wouldn’t be my best bet
  2. Kmag454


    So I’m completely new security systems and need some help hence me being here, I had in mind Hikvision as the camera to go to. If you recommend something else please feel free I’m open to suggestions. Cameras will all be mounted between 8-10ft high total of 7 cameras 2 for the front of the house 2 for the rear 1 on each side and also 1 camera hidden for lpr. Cameras on the side of the house id need a little wider few due to the area of ground it’s covering. Also my biggest concern is being able to identify someone’s face at night. Would it be better to run a dvr or nvr? Do you guys have any recommendations on to which cameras would be best? If so it’d be greatly appreciated!
  3. Kmag454


    So I’m new to the security camera world, I’ve been reading and getting a bunch of mixed opinions so I came here to see if y’all could help me out. I’m looking for an 8 camera system and I’m needing 4 wider angle cameras. I’m looking for quality picture and capable of viewing a license plate of a moving car if needed. Now what I need the most is a camera that can show me someone’s face as night due to recent incidents. Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you for the future help!