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  1. Hello! I'm having problems with a Dahua DVR of a friend of mine and need help. He has a Dahua DVR XVR5116HS and 2 IP cameras. It shows "account is locked" in both cameras when I put the admin account. I guess that the old guy who installed the DVR and the cameras locked the account. I already tried a factory reset via the menu but it didn't work. I power cycled it for 30 mins and nothing. I tried creating a new account: test / test but when I edit the cameras it shows "account doesn't exist". The only one that seems to "work" is the admin but its locked. I have the user and passwords right: 888888 / 888888 and admin / admin123 (I changed it when It reset because It didn't let me put the same old password "admin". What else can I try? All the network configs are OK: router IP, cameras IP, etc. (I don't know if this has something to do with it) One thing I tried is to export the config from the DVR to a pendrive, to put it in my PC and change the accounts from there (or delete them). I can see the exported folder but the files there are unreadable. Opened them with the notepad and all I see are symbols. If there's anything else I could try please let me know!