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    Avermedia Apps

    i spoke too soon., the first app is called dssviewer. i checked the market and saw the update so i just updated 2 seconds ago and now its the exact same thing as averviewer.
  2. i installed their 3megapixel bullet cam today... i must say i was not impress with it. standing 10 ft away holding up a car license plate. u cant see it. i expect more from 3meg
  3. Media

    Avermedia Apps

    new one is called averviewer. yes so far its never lockup plus ptz works. i just installed geovison on another location its my first geovison . im still learning in and out but cant wait to do the compairison.
  4. Media

    nvr or gv480

    i have nv480 but i have analog and ip cameras.. i see two icons nv480 and nvr which one should i use..
  5. Media

    Avermedia Apps

    There are two apps of aver's on android market. I have been using the the first one experiencing occasionally lock up on my Droid X. I think it's due to sometime 3G connection dropped or slow and that's when it locks up. They have recently released a newer version this month.. It feature multi screen of 4x..so far no lockup.. Both version does not feature playback
  6. I'm planning to get some cameras an Avermedia 480fps card.. I have been looking at ACTI outdoor bullet camera IR. Can anyone tell me this will work?
  7. I have droid x i wonder if i can view my nv5000 wit it
  8. Hello have any successfully running this card on dell?
  9. When you buy the card it comes all by it self. What do I need to buy extra to make it control the PTZ
  10. I haven't done any POS before but I like to know if Avermedia support all cash register brand or only some?
  11. Media

    Motherboard Compatability

    not sure but i'm having problem with it freezing up on G45 dell Vostro 420 anyone???!!!!
  12. Hello, I'm looking for a mobile DVR that record on SD card or memory type card that would be able to record up to weeks.
  13. Media

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    Thanks.... Can you tell me the step of installation? Also I have some people asking me about iphone
  14. Media

    Nv6480E + V. limitation @ 30fps.

    I can't get version 7.7 to install on my nv5000 test system I kept getting error saying something about missing file in data1.cab I tried downloading again but same result anyone?
  15. thanks i'll wait to test the black version than
  16. Hi I have heard many bad stories about ACTI software but have you patched it with their release in january? V2.2.34+Patch I'm getting to test this soon I like to know if anyone have done it and tell me not to waste my time thanks
  17. Media

    Just upgraded to 7.5.. now playback is jarbled?

    7.5 sucks too many bugs go back to 7.3
  18. For like pressing a button to turn on the light or open and close the door
  19. just one of my potential client who wants to do this
  20. so what's going on? what's the price? Is it just bitmap file or you are doing the whole installer?
  21. I never got it to work with dynamic mode either Set it to static mode
  22. Media

    480TVL Vs 550TVL

    Personally, almost no different but tvl by it self doesn't determine the quality
  23. Media

    sony 540TVL camera

    my advice is you get what you paid for
  24. It's for sure not a hard drive problem or software problem. It's got to do with your installation setup it's either the cable, connection or , camera, power supply or DVR card is blown. This problem is actually not rare but it can be any of listed above.