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  1. bbjohn74

    Need Help - CCTV MN-CCD-400B

    It is a standard fixed as far as I can tell. You have to position the camera where you want it, it does not move remotely if that's what you mean. I can put up a picture of it if that would help. Or if you need anymore information from the camera I can certainly get it.
  2. Hello all. Definately new to this site, but I have read as many posts as I can, but it's as clear as mud. I recently picked up 2 cameras from a friend, with no information or cables. The back of the camera shows : CCTV Corp. GBC MN-CCD-400B. Can anyone tell me what all this means ? I understand the manufacturer part, but that's about it. I need to hook these up, one in front of the garage and one on the opposite side of the house to see everything in the front yard. I plan on hooking this up to my PC to capture that images for about 1 day at a time maybe more if possible. Just trying to catch the person that's steeling radios out of my Jeep and lawn mowers out of the back yard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.