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  1. Check the chips on the framegrabber card, i think one or more are not right added.
  2. synci

    windows 7...other options for multiview?

    Tell him to use the dropdown in multiview, choose the last dvr access and in multiview add all of his dvrs so you have them on the right side like icons. Just doubleclick the Icon (Can be a company name whatever) and you will get the images. Dont know whats bad here ? He only must open multiview, choose the last dvr from drowdown menu, connect and then he has all of his dvr on the right side with names saved. Maybe 3 clicks ....
  3. synci

    Geovision Resolution

    Your native Desktop Resolution should be 1680x1050. And this must be set in GV 8.20 too. You can change resolution of GV manualy in System Settings (F9).
  4. synci

    Geovision on a Blackberry world edition

    Hi there, anything new with support on blackberry ? I have many costumers, they want live pictures on blackberry. So is it possible or not ? Thanks Greetings
  5. Hi all, can Geovision 8.12/8.2 record after audio was detected by microfon ? There is a Room, and GV should only record when a men speaks in this room. Nothing like Motiondetection, audio detection Thanks Best Regards
  6. synci

    Green screen on display

    Hi, it think there is a problem with DirectDraw or something like drivers. Greetings
  7. synci

    Terabyte External Drive

    We tried it with 3.5 External 1TB Seagate HDD. Works very nice. Greetings
  8. synci

    [GV-LPR] database

    Hi, when is the new LPR version out ? Thanks
  9. synci

    Center V2 password Reset.

    Hi there, my costumer has a system running with Center V2 his costumer lost password for Center V2(Log in as Administrator). I know that GV would not make reset solutions public. But it cost too much, and there are too many settings in Center V2 so an Reinstall of Windows is not acceptable. Please help, pm when you want. Thanks a lot. Best Regards P.S Bad English, i know
  10. synci


    Hi securitysys, thanks for fast answer, yes i know its very hard but there is only one way to setup cameras, --> wireless ipcams :/ I dont realy know which equipment i should use. one access point per camera and on master wlan router in this connects the cameras ? I dont know. The costumer wants to hang up there for 1day then he take his cameras, laptop ... and then he goes to the next shop. Thanks
  11. synci


    Hi, my costumer have a shop, he wants 4x 3MP IPCAM, they sould connect wireless too an router and in this router he would connect his laptop to record, look etc. 3MP IPCAM 3MP IPCAM 3MP IPCAM 3MP IPCAM ---> WIRELESS ---> Wlan Router ? ---> Laptop (Geovision Main System, IP-Dongle) Can anyone give me good products like wlanrouter, wireless converter for the IPCAMS ? How much is the traffic from one 3MP IPCAM ? Thanks a lot Greetings
  12. synci

    GV-LPR Software Question

    Sounds very nice, thanks a lot ! So i sell the LPR software the sepcial cams and other little things and can give my costumer a tip that he should use ODBC, the rest is his work Thanks
  13. synci

    GV-LPR Software Question

    Expirience, only with standard myisam mysql and other easy databases. But we only sell the LPR application, which extern software our costumer use depends not on me. But i must know if its possible to use the .mdb file at the same time as LPR uses it. Thanks
  14. synci

    GV-LPR Software Question

    Yeah right but can i import on the fly ? So the .mdb file is permantly in use with LPR, can another application use it at the same time ? Thanks
  15. synci

    GV-LPR Software Question

    Hi there, at first sorry for my bad english. Did anyone knows a free software for accessing the *.mdb database from LPR on the fly and show the pictures with licenseplate number .. on an extra software ? Thanks a lot