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  1. Alright... First the reboot problem: most likely one of your cameras is loosing the signal from time to time. That will cause Geo to reboot the computer. Now the user accounts. Create the admin account with password, so you can RC to the system. The user account where Geo system is installed should be limited. I would not recommend using the Geo desktop lock feature - it crashes the system (completely). Use group policies, or tweak the registry. And if you want the windows to automaticly login under this user all you have to do is click Start -> Run, type in "control userpasswords2", then uncheck the "user must enter...", click apply. That will prompt you for user and password - just type in your user account and you are set. The windows will automaticly login under that user.
  2. Sentry360

    Geo with Dual Core Processor

    Why in the world would you do that??? Extra cost for no particular reason... P4 2.8 HT is the minimum... thats about it.
  3. Are you using Western Digital by any chance???
  4. Sentry360

    Picture Quality vs Recording Speed

    There is always plenty room for improvement... That limitation of PCI bus will BEGONE! one day... and we will see hi-res cameras streaming their video on HDD... 16! NO! 32! at a time... some day....
  5. Sentry360


    You dont see it because this compression took off about 6 years ago and nobody really liked it that much. Its not that great - thats the bottom line. Just stick with Mpeg4 for recording and M-JPEG for transmition.
  6. Sentry360

    Any comment on this H.264 embedded?

    AHA!!! Found you!!! I'm sick of their marketing approach... I get there emails all the time. BANZAI!!!!!! DEATH TO SPAMERS!
  7. I dont know what kind of format it is, but it sure is proprietary. Have you tried feeding video files (xxx.001) as an argument to the player software? Maybe thats how it should work. Now, instead of calling those guys at the station and asking them "how it works", why not ask them "what company sold this system to you?" cause they probably dont know the model they have. Then you can get all required information and technical support from the installer. Just an idea....
  8. Sentry360

    CoVi Technologies

    I'd like to see them work too, is that a casino project you talking about? IPIX cannot go into casino yet - they do not meet the state 30fps requirement. But I dont know why you even compare them? CoVi vs IPIX? 2 different animals, nothing in common. Plus CoVi is a little behind on integration with other partners... They are catching up now thou... We'll see.
  9. Sentry360

    Interesting GV combo card coming

    I use P4 2.0G for Geo. Just because there is nothing lower than that available where I shop. But on the other hand the system is stable...
  10. Sentry360


    For sure... Been both, but exibit only in East.
  11. Sentry360

    Another random thought

    WOW... Where the hell do you live guys?? That you need so much weapons? I personaly dont like guns... too messy... too much blood. My two hands are my best weapons Applying pressure in the right spots in the right sequence...
  12. LOL I was wondering what GeoVision stands for... Thanks for breaking it down
  13. Sentry360

    Interesting GV combo card coming

  14. 7K for 8ch system? nonsence...
  15. Sentry360

    PCI Bus Limitation - Resolution

    Has anyone heard of cameras using mini drives similar to iPOD? I heard rumors... This is a new trend - they are sticking them everywhere... cell phones, PDAs, now cameras! It would be nice to have an 80G HDD in a single camera and have it move the footage in off-peak hours to NVR. I think they are expecting something closer to Terabyte by 2007? Anyone knows anything about it?