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  1. good day, what is the advantage of using an ip based system compared with Digital hdtvi/hdcvi/ahd systems?
  2. try upgrading the ptz camera firmware via cloud upgrade
  3. si_kungs

    rg59 max distance

    There are two options: 1. Get power from nearest source 2. Run separate ac power line from your cctv room if you eant it centralized Running dc 12volts is not advisable due to the voltage drop that will occur
  4. si_kungs

    rg59 max distance

    Try using active balun on both ends and use outdoor fiber cat5e cable
  5. i'm not familiar with ip cameras, what can you suggest for sea port environment? do i need megapixel ip camera? do i need to use gigabit for these? project composed of 79 ip cameras. what brand do you prefer?
  6. how many tv lines can the D1 resolution dvr record?
  7. si_kungs

    how many tvl can the D1 dvr record?

    because there are cameras with 650tvl i just wonder if D1 dvr can capture the whole 650tvl.
  8. you need to do the ff: 1. turn off manual record and schedule 2. turn on event 3. setup detection area for each camera. you're dvr is now in motion recording
  9. what cctv can be used for monitoring volcanic activity? my idea was to use a ptz camera with high x zoom. what camera can you recommend?
  10. hi. which brand of ip camera and ptz ip camera has low latency? also if im going to setup 70++ ip cameras on a network using fiber. what media converter (lan - fiber) can you recommend?
  11. do you know any dvr that can be remotely viewed on mozilla firefox and can execute playback function on that browser? also can be viewed on linux operating system client pc.
  12. thanks. will try to contact them
  13. im looking for a stand alone dvr
  14. what dvr card can we use for pc running on ubuntu 9.04. software must also have cms. what can you recommend?
  15. what is the model? how far are the cameras positioned from the crater?
  16. are the FLIR camera ptz also?
  17. yeah. will thermal imaging placed at this distance be effective?
  18. Check out the thread here: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=11322&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=83 wow. nice setup. need a large housing to house this one. i have check avigilon's website they dont have ptz camera. the one used in the link was a professional HD series.
  19. thanks for the input. will check out the avigilon 16MP
  20. what are the difference of AVTECH KPD67X series and AVTECH AVC79X series? which is better?
  21. si_kungs

    AVTECH KPD67X vs AVC79X series

    i think they are the same based on the specifications. any comments from who have tried the actual units?
  22. si_kungs

    DVR for modulated signal?

    you can put four demodulator at the end of the wire and tune it to each frequency you have used on your modulator before connecting each output to the dvr
  23. si_kungs

    Video Server E - how do I time search?

    its possible that the date and time you are searching was overwritten with a new video or the dvr is not recording during that period