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  1. WA state ....let me clarify, this camera can be set as security camera for our property one our property for for capturing video on the back side of our home, but it is set at angle that will also capture front area of next door neighbor's property in background.....in court, legally, this footage can be presented as admissible because it was capturing our property as security with their property in background ......additionally, nobody would have to watch a years worth, it can merely be ultra fast forwarded to count how many times our neighbors are seen using the property on that side of their house ....whether or not our neighbors see the camera is not a concern, it's our home, and taping security video of the back of it is totally legal .....
  2. all is pursuit of a law suit, it IS legal as long as the camera is on my property ....single, small unobtrusive camera .....it only has to capture people being outside on their property on the side of their house that faces ours, nothing fancy or high end, no motion detect ON, ON 24/7 but no need to capture night, only day time .....need to capture how often they are out on their property on this side of their house for many months, one year ideal .....thanks for the reply & assist ....
  3. hello ..I am looking for recommendations for a simple security camera that I can fix to the side of my house to capture 1 full year (continuous, non stop 24 hours a day for 365 days) surveillance of neighbor's activity, no panning or movement, a fixed spot ....I am pretty sure this would have to be AC powered, although I'd prefer battery .....but I am sure battery life hard to monitor if camera mounted on facia board up high .....any help, assist or recommendations highly appreciated, thank you