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  1. My SP500-C was partially disabled by lightning (no night-vision, random lines), and would like to replace it with a wired IP camera. I've done some searching, and only find Logitech as a comparable option (mixed reviews/high price). The defender isn't anything special, but acceptable for my application (walkway/driveway). I'm not looking for wireless, and can run ethernet/power without issue. My budget is $200 or less. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hauppauge has the cable & remote for sale as an add-on kit, looks like the cable plugs into the side of the tuner. Any reason you don't think it would work?
  3. that is the old sanyo P. you are looking at 8 years old. you also need the viewing software to view on a PC. and also the people you give the footage to will also need the player. you can like you said go direct to video player. but if you are going to keep the system then i would go for something like the avermedia converter. it will give your dvr a few more years use. plug into monitor out into pc press record on pc screen display direct to dvd. http://www.avermedia.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=505 Thanks for the reply. I've had a USB TV tuner for years (Hauppauge HVR-950), and always wondered if there was a way to import analog video. Turns out I just need to order a cable that connects to it. Later models included the cable. Should be able to get what I need between media center and movie maker. Thanks again, wouldn't have thought of it without the message.
  4. I have, our backroom computer (part of the POS system), is running IE8 (compatibility mode). Adding to the frustration, it has an internal speaker....all I hear is "click, click, click, click" the whole time I'm trying to select one of the buttons. When I connect the DVR to a separate hub, which is also connected to my notebook, I can at least mute the sound. The notebook is running IE9, compatibility mode. I can log in, but cannot pause/download files. Thanks again, have to get this.
  5. Over the weekend we had a retail theft/incident, which was recorded on our Sanyo DSR3009, and I am attempting to download the footage to my computer (web interface). It has been a couple of years since I've had to do so. Since then we've upgraded to IE8/9 on our machines. With earlier versions of IE, using the interface had been a bit flaky (had to click on channel/pause/download buttons more than once for them to work), but now most of them don't do anything. The physical buttons on the machine work fine, but it seems there is now a compatibility issue with the unit and IE. The DVR doesn't have a CD-R drive, and I have no way to read CF cards. I've tried IE's compatibility mode, which doesn't help. If it comes down to it, I could record the footage to VHS, or use my phone to record it as it's played on the monitor....very amateur. In the past I've provided the police with a CD containing an image folder, the client viewer and a txt file with instructions. I've read that it may help to run IE as an Administrator, but I haven't been able to try that yet. Have also tried Firefox..no change. Might any other browsers/applications work? Any help would really be appreciated, have a feeling the video will make a big difference. Thanks!
  6. It's likely whatever is going on with the DVR is the result of a power surge, but I'm trying to figure out whether the local A/V repair shop might be able to fix it. On a side note, has anyone heard from Levon lately? I purchased the DVR from him years ago, and am interested in setting up a smaller (2-3 camera) PC-based system for another location.
  7. hi. the lights also flash when set at alarm mode. looking at your video. i would say that you have a problem with your VCR and not the DVR as it keeps flashing the colour bars (you would not get this from that DVR) i would remove your VCR and connect your DVR straight to your monitor I should've mentioned that the VCR isn't connected to anything... I placed it on top of the DVR as a decoy (same with the "MUX" note on the DVR). The monitor is connected directly to the DVR. I don't think the issue is related to alarm mode. The alarm light has never come on, and there are no alarm recordings. Thanks again.
  8. I've uploaded a video showing what the DVR is doing. Would greatly appreciate any input. the password is: video Thanks again.
  9. The dvr is cream colored. The lights that are flashing/flickering are the camera control lights only (numbered 1-9). Normally when in sequence mode it displays 4 cameras at a time, and the corresponding lights are solid on those buttons until it switches to the next 4 cameras. That does not happen now. Currently the lights (and cameras) are flickering randomly as they are sequenced, and are never solid. The cameras very quickly flash from grainy to test pattern (multi-colored bars), occasionally saying no signal on certain cameras. It still sequences properly, but the signal is either bad or the dvr is not working correctly. Thank you for your help.
  10. I have, I power cycled both the DVR and the cameras. I should add that the only lights that are flickering are the ones indicating which cameras are on-screen at the time. The other lights on the DVR front panel are working normally. Thanks for your response.
  11. A few months ago I noticed all of the cameras are constantly flashing on/off on my Sanyo DVR. It is a 9 channel unit which I purchased about 6 years ago. The LEDs in the buttons on the front panel also flicker, happens both on sequence and when the channel is manually selected. The DVR seems to be working fine otherwise. I am using 5 transformers to power 9 cameras, so I doubt all of the transformers have gone bad.. Before I start pulling wires I thought I would ask for input. Thanks!
  12. 7kMI

    Suggestions for new DVR

    Is there any chance someone else may have a suggestion on a particular model DVR for my situation? I'm considering the 600GB Sanyo that Levon suggested, however I still have unanswered questions. Or might someone have answers for my previous post? thanks, Derek
  13. 7kMI

    Suggestions for new DVR

    Thanks for the information Levon, that one looks pretty good. Just have a couple of questions. What is involved in upgrading the hard drive? Does it have to be anything special, or would most current HDs work? Also, what is involved in setting up the web server? Just wondering if it's a matter of hooking it to the router and making a couple of adjustements, or if there is a lot more to it. Thanks again.
  14. I'm looking for a DVR to replace a time lapse VCR that quit working a while back. This setup is for our retail store, and we currently have 8 cameras and an Everplex 8BQ multiplexor. The cameras seem decent, dome style, b/w, I don't think they have sound, but not positive. The multiplexor is old, nothing fancy, but it works alright. I'm having a hard time settling for any particular DVR model. I start leaning one way when I'm looking at the security magazines that come in the mail (securityandmore, etc.), but then it seems like anyone that's "in the know" around here wouldn't touch the stuff those places sell.... So, I'm looking for advice, and suggestions for particular models here. My budget is ~$850. There are 8 cameras, so would it be best to continue using the mux and find a higher end single channel DVR, or might there be one with 8 channels that I should consider? Would it work/make any sense to use a 4 channel unit and still use the mux for the remaining 5 cameras? Of course, I want feeatures (remote connection w/built in server, doesn't matter whether web or software on client end), SD or CF slot, and a decent HD to get started without upgrading right away. I've noticed several people suggesting GE units, but others have been mentioned as well. I'm really hoping someone can help me narrow it down to at least 2. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  15. Thanks for all of the replies. The reset button is on the front panel (under a flip-down door with the rest of the buttons). I've tried it several times, without any change. The button is plastic, set back in the panel ~1/8" & requires a pen to push it. It is referred to in the user's guide as a way to reset the VCR...but when pressed, regardless of whether it is briefly or for 5 seconds, it makes the two LEDs (panic & rem lock) dim slightly and there is a light clicking sound inside...however that's it. Rory: You mention you have a couple of units similar to the one in the link not being used?? Any chance these are functional and possibly available at a reasonable price? Like I mentioned, I'd ultimatly like to replace the entire setup at both of our stores with PC-based DVRs. I'd really like to have 6-8 color cameras, some with pan/zoom and audio, and have them available over the web. Quite nice, indeed. The multiplexor at the 1st store is built into the monitor, not-so-good, and the one at our 2nd one is old and cheap. The cameras at the latter are all just crimped to the wall-plug transformers, and a couple are pretty fuzzy from bad AV connections... All of the responses have really been great, I'm definitely printing out this thread for future reference. Thanks again.