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  1. Cjuk

    New NVR

    i dont have the history of this dvr, was just trying to save some cash as im sure you are aware times are hard, i can extract a guid file if that would help my cause and im willing to try tftp firmware over to the box but honestly dont know what one to send, obv i can look at the main board in the dvr if you know of any tell tale signs that it maybe a copy. thanks in advance
  2. hi, i currently have a 4 cam hikvision setup that i got from a local hikvision reseller, i did a self install as the cost at the time i thought was a bit too steep and i had put a previous old swan cctv system in, it was basically swap out NVR and cameras so i didnt have to rewire. everything worked well iv upgraded the hard drive a couple of times and its helped me with evidence against fly tippers on a few occasions (the is a spot of waste ground next to my house but the natives have got it into there heads that its there personal tip). i wanted to upgarde the NVR from 4 to 8 cams and thats where my problems have started, got the NVR from ebay,, found a hikvision 8 cam nvr that would be perfect but had a password that i was led to belive i could get from hikvision uk support. How wrong was i !!! two days later the nvr arrived, i opened it up to install a new 1tb hdd and hopefully get the info i needed to send to the support email of hikvision, i downloaded the SADP tool and exported something called a GUID file that i got from the forgotten password option in the SADP tool, emailed it to hikvision and got a reply for more info, filled the form out with all the info they requested and basically got told to jeff off because the unit was purchased from ebay (not on there resellers list). i have looked around a tryed something called a password helper but to no avail, aswell as the password reset on this site, but i dont know if im doing something wrong as its not playing ball i understand how to use computers but not to an advanced level like some of you guys and found something called a tfpt flash, question is if i flash it with a new firmware via tfpt will that remove the password or am i back to square one ? could someone with a better handle on this stuff please help me before the other half find out i errrr fudged up. i am more than willing to share the email conversations that iv had with hikvision with someone who can genuineley help me. thanks in advanced the model number is DS-7208HGHI Firmware Version: V3.1.8 Build150714