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  1. Paul Bradford

    Looking for advice

    Hi Andrey, To date, no one has advised me about equipment. This is the information that I am really looking for. I need to know exactly what I will require for the set up. Regards Paul
  2. Paul Bradford

    Looking for advice

    Thank you Tom. I just need to decide upon the overall size. It's the equipment that I will need and good suppliers that will get me working on a plan. Paul
  3. Paul Bradford

    Looking for advice

    Thank you Andrey. I have an idea of where to site the cameras. The situation will be slightly different for our house as we have covered veranda's to the South side. That means that camera's underneath the veranda will not have a view of a distant approach, unless I also mount cameras at a high level. However, cameras under the veranda would have the advantage of being hidden until someone came into their arc of view (if high cameras were not installed to the South elevation). I'm undecided at this stage whether to opt for a more visible deterrent with the cameras being on view or for something more subtle. Speaking as an ex-Police Officer, I know that the quality of your security is never really known until it is tested. Also, obvious security measures have the downside of showing that you might have something worth breaking in for! I realise that has changed somewhat with the advent of cheaper camera systems, but the mentality level of those intending to steal might not take that into account! I'd probably go for POE as it would mean less cabling. Paul
  4. Paul Bradford

    Looking for advice

    Hi Andrey, The most distant camera would be about 40m distance. I don't think that you need photo locations. Paul
  5. Paul Bradford

    Looking for advice

  6. Paul Bradford

    Looking for advice

    Hi All, You may have heard of the attacks upon horses here in France. I would like to install a movement activated cctv system that would cover our stables. It would give great piece of mind to my wife. The stables are, at there closest point to the house (and power) 30m distant. I will put a camera on the west flank of the house facing the stables and covering access from the road. I would like to put one or two on the stables and could run the cable overhead. While I'm at it, I might as well include the outside of the house in the system. What I'm looking for is advice on what cameras and hard drive to use as well as base unit. I have never fitted such an installation, so equipment and tool suggestions would be useful. I could have up to six cameras mounted on the house covering the gardens and access and two or three on the stables. Regards Paul
  7. Paul Bradford

    Hi from SW France

    Hi All, Just joined as I'm looking for advice for a system install. I'll post that in the appropriate place. Living in SW France since 2006. Ex-BT Engineer in the City of London from 1976 to 1987, leaving as a Senior Technician on a private wire installation group. About two months before I left, the hurricane struck and I volunteered to work in Southend on Sea, not far from where I lived as I had O/H qualifications. After a weekend working with another chap, they gave me a van and I stayed doing repairs for three weeks. Left to join Essex Police and was posted to Southend. I remained there until an injury on duty in March 1999 forced a medical retirement in May 2000. Moved to SW France with our young daughters in 2006. Work is difficult to find here. Installed my own solar hot water system supplied by Navitron in 2008. Works brilliantly providing hot water for about nine months of the year and pre-heating for the rest. Keep myself busy with odd jobs and Seasonal work. Regards Paul