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  1. Hello, I tried to get a new use for this camera, and, since then, I am trying hard to find a solution. It all started a long time ago, when I came with the idea that it would be a great thing to configure an IP camera for my online courses. But a lot of problems came. Camera's IP is and the HTTP port is 554. I tried also with 80 and 443, but I couldn't get any satisfying result. I used IP CAMERA ADAPTER or DEBUT Video Software or Many cam, even ONVIF Device Manager, but i could not get it right. Do you guys have any solution? I wold thank you a lot ;) I tried also an HTTP link, but also RTSP. I could not manage to configure the RTSP link. Does somebody know how to do this thing? I will attach a screenshot with the RTSP ending that i found on the internet. Thank you! NC 450 v 2.0, firmware 1.5.2