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  1. Okay, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you guys about this. Larry's first link told me xxactly what I needed. Thank you, Larry! Although, I don't have any idea what another cable would have done, so I didn't worry about the second link. I went to a local computer store, and asked the guy for a BNC to RCA connector that Larry recommended, and he whipped this little metal thing out of a drawer, dropped it in my hand, and said "have a nice day!" And that was that. So I got home, hooked everything up, and finally got to test my cameras. And they're all working like a charm. So, thank you, thank you Larry! I couldn't have done it without you! Oh, and tomcctv: There was no need to mention power supply, since the monitor-tester thing had this splitter thing on it to hook up to the existing security camera power supply and the camera at the same time. I just didn't mention it or post a photo of it because it wasn't relevant to the connector I needed. If it has no relevance, and I didn't need to worry about it, there was no point in mentioning it, since it wouldn't have any effect other than clouding up the issue. It's an irrelevance that had no bearing on what kind of connector I would need to hook up the camera to the test monitor. Why waste your time (or anyone else's) worrying about irrelevance? Again, thank you for answering my dilemma!!
  2. I did look at them. And what I saw meant nothing to me, other than they don't fit together. This is not my field. All I know is, they don't fit together. Which is why I came here and posted photos of exactly what I had, in the hope that someone who knew what they were doing would take one quick glance at it and tell me exactly what I needed without a lot of side explanations that really don't mean anything to me. The photo you posted above shows me four connectors that look pretty much the same to me. At least, I don't see much difference between them all. Without having them in my hand, and attempting to plug them together, I couldn't tell you from that picture which is which. All I care about is getting a straight answer about exactly what kind of adaptor connector I need, so I can try to find a local electronics store to go get a couple of them. Preferably, without taking the camera off the wall outside and carrying it with me to the store, to try out 53 kinds of plugs to find one that works.
  3. Okay, please forgive my stupidity, but what is this "female" thing? I don't understand how you can apply gender to a little metal thing. Does that matter? And that's also exactly the point of me asking. I don't know what I need. I was hoping someone could tell me exactly what I do need, so that I can get only what I need.
  4. I had a friend give me a security camera setup, and this little bitty screen to hook up to the cameras to test where they’re pointed. The problem is, the connectors on the camera don’t fit the connectors on the cables or the leads for the little screen. I have some photos I can post, but I don’t know anything about connectors or anything, to even know what to order to make everything fit together. A little background: My friend told me the camera setup came from DHGate (a chinese version of ebay) and had a DVR box, 2 cables 100 feet long, two cameras, and a couple of power source things. It also had this little 5″ screen with a 12v power plug, and two colored connectors (white and yellow). The cameras have a power plug, and a silver-colored connector. I’m attaching photos, I hope. The one on the left is a photo of the plugs for the plugs from the camera, and the one on the right is the little screen thing to test the camera. I’d ask my friend, but he’s in Korea now, and I have no way of getting in touch with him. He just handed me this box, and that was that. I have no idea what to get, and don’t even know the names of these things. Can anyone please help?