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  1. spiro

    LiveVue Geo 1.2

    Rory thanks for your quick reply and sorry for my late one:) "view commander mobile" is a very good product (ive been using it for about 5 years) that supports a lot of ip cameras and also "camera systems" such as Geovision. Here in the northeast US we have 3G coverage and im able to get about 1-2 frames every 2 seconds on my phone on that program which helps me determine the course of action to take when there is an alarm I called my friend y-day who has an 8.32 version system and verified that I couldnt view the video on view commander but i can on Gview (at about 2frames per second on 9 cameras simultaneously!!!) On Geovision systems up to 7.05 i was able to just put the address and the http port but on 8.32 it has a separate "mobile" interface and a different port i tried both but ...no love PS before you ask....yes I opened the other port on the router as well if you have any thoughts on it id like to hear what you have to say when you get time thanks again!
  2. spiro

    Geovision card and web enabled phone access

    peter if you are with at&t try disabling the "at&t proxy" in your connection settings on the phone
  3. spiro

    LiveVue Geo 1.2

    "Hi Rich, no, not 1.2 anyway. Geo changed everything with the 8.3 activeX control. It has to be changed alot. Rory" Hi Rory I was wondering if you know this: Im thinking of upgrading my systems to the 8.32 version cards and would like to find out if "view commander mobile" will be able to display the video from the 8.32 version I didnt think about it until you mentioned that Geovision has changed their activex control and im glad I haven't purchased anything yet I know that I can always use Gview but it's definitely a very crude program that doesnt have a good UI and also doesnt support other cameras if youre not familiar with view commander mobile, here is their web page: http://www.ivimg.com/products/vcmobile.htm Also does anyone know of another program similar to viewcommander mobile that supports multiple camera manufacturers and ip cams? thank you
  4. spiro

    catering hall camera suggestion

    Most WDR cameras are not considerd low light cameras ...there is usually a better camera for the job if low light is what you are looking for. WDR is for situations with alot of glare or backlighting. Got it. I think tsd's suggestion sounds good overall Ill give that a shot thanks all for your help
  5. spiro

    catering hall camera suggestion

    Not saying it isn't so, but where did you read this? Regarding the new Panasonic WV-NW502S, it does have good WDR and good low-light, but not both at the same time. The WDR is used for difficult lighting situations, such as a indoor camera location that must deal with some outdoor light (e.g. window or door) in part of the frame. However, if you want the best low-light night images, then WDR should be disabled, since it costs about one stop in light to perform WDR. So, yes, there are cameras that offer both, but it's probably one or the other, not both at the same time, for optimal results. Best, Christopher Christopher I guess I misunderstood manufacturers claims about WDR. Your explanaton makes sence. I will investigate further and post back thanks
  6. spiro

    catering hall camera suggestion

    tsd thanks for your reply SM1065N PTZ Camera Low Light and Day/Night sound really good except for one thing. The low light specs are listed as .03lux which might not be enough for color night mode If you think it will do "color night mode " ill give it a shot, otherwise ill look for a camera with Wide Dynamic Range technology ( i read that they do pretty good at low light conditions) im trying not to have to use IR. thanks again for your advise
  7. Hi all We have a catering hall and an HD projector I would like to be able to mount a wired PTZ high resolution camera somewhere in the room connect it to the projector input and be able to control it with a simple joystick or keypad controller. so I can project the image to another part of the room I dont need wireless controls or network capability but I do need PTZ control good picture quality, auto- focus and extremely low light color capability (not IR) Can you guys suggest a PTZ camera to fit my situation? we re trying to keep this to around $600.00 USD thanks for your help
  8. spiro

    Problem with geovision and sony hq1 cameras

    I know this is an old thread but I just have to share this I bought a PC508-IR about a year ago from "supercircuits" and haven't used it yet due to very grainy picture jugged edges and horrible contrast. I thought it was the much discussed incompatibility issue with the new sony chipsets, so I didnt think to try anything else. Today I needed an extra camera and remembered I still had this one laying around so I plugged it back in and again was so disappointed at the picture quality coming through the geovision software. I then tried a few different things to try and get to the bottom of the issue 1. disconnected all other cameras connected to the geovision card--no change 2. changed power supplies (even tried a 12v battery) ---- no change? 3. I use a tv/monitor that has an AV RCA input so I connected the camera straight to that, thinking that I ll be getting a great picture there at least BUT TO MY SURPRISE!!!.......it was the same horrible picture I got through the gv800 card! What do you guys think is going on here??? do I have a bad camera? is there any way to resolve this? I didnt call "supercircuits" yet because I bought it so long ago that no one will believe I hadn't used it till now. I appreciate any feedback Thanks