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  1. I',m so grateful that I found this forum!! I have been taunted for 11 months since moving to this area. I have bought security cameras that intruders have evaded and damaged them. No one believes me and thinks I'm crazy since I can't get any proof of pretty much everyday entrance when I leave my apartment. I can't call it home because its more like a torture chamber for me and my dogs. They seem to do something to them that makes them to lethargic to be able to alert me when something is outside. The police have told me after calling 911 a couple of times with no reply, that they don't always have time for me and have other things to do. I have high anxiety and depression so, that another excuse. I must be scaring myself and making myself paranoid. No I'm a single disabled person and no one believes me even though i take pictures before i leave for work to show how my curtains and other belongings have been messed with. They steal little stupid **** and help themselves to my food and drinks, Maybe this to is why my utility bills are higher than should be, their running my bills up as if they live here. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who says there'er intruders and no one believes me. Helps my anxiety a little. O and it being ghosts seems to be more realistic.