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  1. HI everyone! I'm looking for a little advice on a good camera system with the features I am looking for. There are so many out there and I am totally over-whelmed and not very savvy about this. Here is background: Rocky terrain, so cannot lay cable lots of trees and plants between house and gate Gate is approx. 100 feet from the house (WIFI) Gate has Electricity Wifi signal from the house..peteres out at about 75 feet. Problem: Because the gate is 100 feet from the house and Wifi router, I am looking for something that has long range signal strength so I dont have to install a WIFI booster between the house and the gate. Again...Rocky terrain problem. ------------------------------------------- I would prefer a wireless Camera at the gate that can just alert me on my phone. But I am able to plug the camera into power (Battery operated is great, but I am finding alot don't let you take the battery out and thus the life of the battery/camera is only 2-6 months....I want to avoid having to replace a camera every so many months.) Anyone out there have any suggestions to which system is the best? Thanks a bunch... Signed...single little lady out in the boonies!