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  1. jack46606

    Smart home system.

    Good afternoon! I want to share my experience in providing security for my country house. If you have any questions or you would like to share your experience on this topic - please feel free to share, I will be very thankful! To start with, I want to say I have a small house in the countryside from my grandparents. They both have passed away and nobody lives there now. Its condition is very good. I thought I would live there during the summer, but this year is very hard in several aspects. To protect my house from unpleasant situations I have installed a security system from Ajax systems. I was shocked by how smart it is. It seems even smarter than me. I can control almost everything with my app. I do not need to provide the Internet there to make it work. Could you tell me if each system is so smart and simple today?
  2. I didn't see it listed (unless I missed it) but how can you pull off or backup the firmware currently loaded on the cameras? Thanks
  3. jack46606

    Dahua firmware

    Humm, thats because i have one 3200c that dont seem to work, its led stays green but it dont appear in the Configtool, and after a few minutes it just reboots. Anyone have any ideas ?Thanks.
  4. I do not see the Wave P (WAPA) software posted here. Has anyone used any other software with their cards?
  5. quite interesting, but it would not hurt to make the format friendlier