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  1. Log into your Menu>Tools>Storage>Schedule>Record Check the MD (yellow on top of page) then if I remember correctly hit the wheel on the right open it and select MD only, I think it asks you if you want to do that too all channels which I did and apply. Should be good to go after that.
  2. homefree

    HELP.....Nuvico DV3 16 channel CD-R

    I guess I'm happy with the picture it's pretty clear but it could of been better, I had a tight budget to work with when I purchased the system. I used Day/Night Infrared Dome Surveilux SVD-55IR24 cameras
  3. homefree

    HELP.....Nuvico DV3 16 channel CD-R

    App Version is 07.1230.1230 Linux Version is 2.6.12-RC4#832 I checked for a updated version on the Nuvico site and mine has the latest version installed already, so I'm lost on what it is. I've tried shutting the system down thinking that maybe there was something left in the memory some where, but still a no go. When I format the mem stick I can watch it formating and at the end the dvr will say "succesfull" and then I will exite out of that screen and go in to backup and select about 20 min of one camera and watch it being down loaded to the stick but for some reason I can't get it to play back on my computer...HECK I even tried it on my other XP computer and I got the same message...Would you like to format you're stick....so it's not the computer.
  4. Ok guy's I've tried it all I think and for some reason I can't get the video from the DVR to play back on my home computer. This is a new system and the first Nuvico system that I've installed and soon to be the last. The first thing I tried to do was record the info from the dvr on to a CD and the dvr kept spitting the disc out so I thought that maybe it was the wrong CD so I tried them all, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW AND DVD+RW and the dvr did the same thing, it kept spitting the disc out....HUM....I even tried to format the disc's and they all did the same thing..... So I bought a memory stick and tried that, the first stick I bought was a MAXTOR 2 gig and the dvr seem to download to the stick but when I got home and tried to read the stick on my computer with the NOVICO program my computer kept asking me if I wanted to format the stick So now I'm getting ticked and call support and they told me that I had to use Memorex or Kingston sticks, so I go and buy a Kingston 1 gig stick and down load some stuff off the dvr and bring it home, plug it in to my computer and it ask me the same thing...WOULD YOU LIKE TO FORMAT THE STICK I've just about had it with this NUVICO DV3 Now the NUVICO is a LINUX base system and I'm running Windows XP and I'm not sure if that has some thing to do with the problem or what it is. So has anybody else had this problem? If so please pass on you're secret on how you got the video off the DVR to play back on you're computer. Thank You, Dave