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  1. I don't have a qr code on the NAT page. It is only showing on the maintenance part of the menu. I've scanned it into the app anyway and the device is added , I can see the camera also whilst on WiFi
  2. Is it just that one you want?
  3. OK I have reset everything and just have the camera back online locally
  4. I'm in Peterborough, east anglia
  5. OK I will have to do that when I get home. Are you able to help in setting up once I've done that?
  6. Hi, I'm in the UK and yes from new
  7. Hi, I'm new here so go gentle!!!I am an absolute noob to cctv and have just purchased and set up a HiLook NVR 104H-D with 1 camera added (I have 2 more to add in future)Everything works fine except I can't access the camera remotely away from my wifi connectionI have been trough every guide I can find and have set port forwarding and DDNS but just can't get it to work. I've had 3 nights at it now and am out of ideas.I've tried the Hik Connect and HiLook app and they both have the same problem (connection failed)I'm hoping someone can help me with this to save me going mad.Please let me know what info is required for you to help meThanks