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  1. steve1978

    Convert HD to IP??

    Good morning, I have just moved in to a house that has an installation of a DVR from Comelit and it has about 8 cameras installed with Cat 5 cable and Baluns, running i believe about 2 cameras on each cat 5 cable. the cameras are 1080 so not amazing but not terrible. The camera software for the phone is absolutely dog poo, What i would like to do is install a Hikvision NVR and start installing some Colour VU cameras in and around the place. i would like to migrate these other comelit cameras to a better NVR such as the hikvision one, is this possible or do i need to do a complete rip out? Are there any 3rd party apps that i can use to view the cameras other than the comelit one? its really isnt very good!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply and sorry for my delay! Cameras are a bit of a mix and match of Hikvision. DS-2CD2325FWD-I, DS-2CD2342WD-I style mainly, I think these are not quite 4k if memory serves but almost. same goes for the compression, some are 264 some are 265 depends upon what is supported by the camera. its a mix and match as we can add cameras to the system over years so some are 1080 and the latest are 4k, then a few in between. The "Server" is just an i7 7700with a GTX 1050ti. the cameras are not viewed like a security system, we have a security guard who views about 10-15 cameras all day, the other cameras are not security , more process and health and safety. These are only viewed if there is an incident. The cameras are all set to record at 15FPS on High setting. Then we have 2 Raid Stripe configurations. This is presented to the Wisenet software as a E and F drive and the software then writes the data and removes to old footage without any problems. I would say it is very robust and give us no problems and no babysitting requirements. What I would like to have though going forward is a system where I can add many more drives (and cameras) as and when they are required. I dont need data redundancy but it is a nice thing to have (hence being striped now and looking to move to parity,. I am thinking 12 plus 10TB drives in Raid with parity but most importantly with write speed advantage. so probably running RAID50 with maybe 3 Sub RAID 5 Arrays. this would present as 3 drives of 30TB each to the Wisenet Wave system. How would you achieve this? similar or way different?
  3. Hi, I work in IT dept on a site with around 65 4k cameras. We use Wisenet Wave software on a PC with 6 10TB drives attached. The drives are configured in 2 20Tb drives (E and F drive). When I intially set this system up I tried a single raid 5 array but found that there was stuttering in the video recording, this was deemed to be IOPs related and I was exceeding the maximum write capacity accross the drives. So when I set it up as 2 seperate drives we managed to get much better recoding. now we are in a position of wanting more cameras, around 30. This will mean more iops and more storage required. I know that I cant pout more drives on to my existing motherboard as i am at capacity. so i a looking at maybe getting a 12 bay NAS, moving my 6 x 10 TB drives in to it and adding another 4. My questions are.... will we be bottlenecking on network speed or iop speed? is there a calculator to determin what is the best solution? How are other people doing 100 plus cameras?
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