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  1. I’ve installed a new PoE security system and downloaded EseeCloud for remote viewing and everything is working great. But I don’t understand why because by alll accounts, I should not be able to access my cameras remotely without some kind of configuration on the router (example, port forwarding). Can anyone please explain how this bypasses the router firewall and allows a request to get thru to my NVR? Is my system doing something funky here? I’ve googled this high and low and came up blank. And the support folks of my new system could/would not answer.
  2. Chilliwack

    Connecting POE cameras thru a Network Switch

    Gotcha. Thanks for your help.
  3. Chilliwack

    Connecting POE cameras thru a Network Switch

    Seems like a good price. I assume I would just use one uplink port and run a cable from there to a LAN port on the DVR, and then connect the Dvr WAN to the router, yeah?
  4. Chilliwack

    Connecting POE cameras thru a Network Switch

    Thank-you, Tomcctv. It is for IP cameras. So a POE-enabled switch will do the trick. That’s awesome.
  5. I need to install some cameras in an outbuilding (150 feet away). Rather than run an Ethernet cable to each camera, can I connect the cameras to a network switch / hub in the outbuilding, and run one cable from the Switch to the DVR? Will the DVR connect to all cameras?