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  1. MGucciE

    Video Loss Issue

    Photo Hello, now the camera is dipping in and out all day. I’m constantly getting this message. Is it my camera, balun, the CAT5SE cable, or the DVR? where’s is the problem and how can I fix it?
  2. MGucciE

    Video Loss Issue

    Photo Hi Tom, Update: I’ve installed the power supply and connected just that one camera and it’s still doing the same thing. I’m stuck, any other reason why this camera keeps going out after 12-24 hours?
  3. MGucciE

    Video Loss Issue

    Hi Tom, The distance is less than 20ft from camera to DVR. Also, I will be purchasing the panel you recommended this weekend. Hoping this resolves the issue. Do I need anything else or is everything included?
  4. MGucciE

    Video Loss Issue

    Photo Hi Tom, Happy New Years and thanks for the help. So I rewired camera 6(the one with the issue) from the 4amp power supply to the panel in the photo above. I also, used 1 pair instead of 2 on the balun. I thought this would fix it but the the same issue is still happening. My question now is that if balun on the camera end are double paired and I used a single pair on the DVR side, would this cause the video loss to happen ? Or is the problem something else?
  5. MGucciE

    Video Loss Issue

    Hi Tom, Thanks for clarifying I have a analog instead of digital. I do have a power supply like the one you linked underneath the cabinet but it’s full thus added the one in the photo. Should I just rewire that outside camera that requires IR to the panel underneath? Thank you in advance.
  6. Photos hello, I have a 16 IP camera setup with 1 camera going out after 12-24 hours. I’ve changed the balun and switched the ports. Same issue. I’ve reseeded all the connections on the DVR side. Same issue. Temporary fix is to unplug/plug balun and the feed comes back for another 12-24 hours. I haven’t replaced the CAT5SE cable, or replaced the camera yet because the camera is in a location that needs a tall ladder. I would like to eliminate the problem from the DVR side before going up there. I’ve been on this for a week and can’t figure out where the problem. Any advice would help, thanks.