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  1. Costco.com had them on the site last Friday. I got a pair of the Lorex Full HD 1080p PoE Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision cameras, Item #767194, but the bullets were available too. They sell out really fast.
  2. Since you mentioned Netgear- I have a couple of GS110TP 8 port gig Poe switches with dual SFP slots and they work OK, but the user interface is terribly slow and I cannot access them from outside my LAN. I don't know why they won't connect through my router. I replaced them with a couple of American Fibertek C10P-Poe switches off eBay and these work fantastic.
  3. This video looks foggy because the IR LEDs in the FW2100 are being reflected off the porch ceiling back into the lens. I had the same problem. My cameras are mounted under my garage eaves, pointing out across my patio and driveway. I set them back a bit to protect them from the weather so the lens is about 3 or 4 inches back form the facia. I painted that small area of the eaves, directly over the camera, up to the facia, flat black and it greatly reduced the foggy effect in the image. The way you have the camera mounted in your video, I don't know how you can fix the problem. You would have to paint the entire ceiling flat black. Also, that huge freaking spider is really creeping me out.
  4. This is where it's handy to have a managed Poe switch. You could log into your switch to verify that the camera is drawing power. If you don't have a managed switch, you can try covering up the photocell to see if the IR LEDs turn on.
  5. Costco now sells Lorex 1080 dome cameras. http://www.costco.com/Lorex-Full-HD-1080p-PoE-IndoorOutdoor-Night-Vision-2-Pack-Dome-Cameras.product.100043750.html
  6. Has the blurry right edge been resolved?
  7. Years ago, I set up a PC like you are describing. It had a WiFi network connection to the internet (router) and I set up its Ethernet port to bridge to the wireless network. So I know it can be done, but that was way back in Windows 98. I believe the option in Windows was called ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Try doing a search on that.
  8. I got a few 3.6mm Megapixel lenses form eBay seller tvdigital2 and they work great. He has wider lenses, but they don't say Megapixel so I didn't try them.
  9. cheetokhan

    Dahua firmware

    Thanks. Does anyone know what this changes from the Costco QSee firmware? Software Version 2.100.QS00.8.R, build : 2012-07-19 WEB Version
  10. The Video/Audio screen shows the drop down selection for Video Quality ghosted out and set to "Lowest". Why? Is it because Bitrate Type is set to Constant?
  11. cheetokhan

    Avermedia Android App

    I had originally purchased IP Cam Viewer to monitor my Trendnet TV-IP422w cameras, but IP Cam Viewer works with just about every IP camera or DVR in existence and the developer continuously adds more cameras and options to the software. Well worth the ten bucks I paid.
  12. cheetokhan

    Avermedia Android App

    IP Cam Viewer, in the Market, works great with my NV5000. It is much better than the Avermedia app.
  13. cheetokhan

    Avermedia Android App

    I've been running it for a few weeks on my HTC EVO with no problems at all. Its limited- it just shows video, no audio and no PTZ control, but I'm happy with what it does.
  14. cheetokhan

    does avermedia work w.android phone

    I asked Avermedia this same question on 6/28/2010 and this is their reply: "At the moment we do not have an app for Andriod phones. It is still under development and we do not have a date when it will be released. We apologize for any inconvenience."
  15. cheetokhan

    Ip cameras and bandwidth NV5000

    It will only send data out your ISP if you have set it up to send recorded data to a remote server or if you are remotely connected to it from an off-site location. If you are not connected and you have not configured it to send data to a server, it can't upload anything. There has to be some other device to upload to. If you want to track your actual ISP data rather then your PC network port activity, check out dd-wrt or tomato firmware for linksys and other consumer routers. They let you look at and log your data rates up and down from your ISP.