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    Hikvision ivms-4200 issue

    Hi, we have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 / 8P connected to multiple cameras. currently we can only access via a web browser and it has to be IE as it needs a web plugin. We cannot view any recorded playback as our AV blocks it and as yet there is no way to allow through. We have external access set up and we can access the system using an external IP, via the mobile app and also IE. I am looking a way at being able to access the system without IE, without using a mobile device and that allows recorded playback. I have installed the ivms-4200-VS client on the internal network and connected the device using the online search. when i go to playback i can see it and there is a small down arrow that i can expand and see all the camera's. i can then do live view and playback. when i install on a remote PC and try adding using the external IP it finds the device and tells me it is online. when i go to playback there is no arrow to expand and see the cameras. am i missing something? do i need to open up more ports on the firewall? is there a better solution? thanks Gareth