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  1. Bradfordaudio

    Salt in hair required.

    So, it was not a password issue as far as I know. I was entering the known password under the admin user. Unless there is another admin or super admin password, not sure. As I look back on this thread, your TVT comment rang a bell. All of the network adapters of the cameras AND NVR, come up TVT blah blah blah. So, my ONVIF NVR arrived today, but I guess i will try and figure out what the differences of an TVT NVR are.
  2. Bradfordaudio

    Salt in hair required.

    Brilliant. A password was left actually stuck to the recorder and has been used. You are probably right, it’s not the admin password. Now I will dig to see if there is a way to retrieve or reset the admin password. Ty
  3. Bradfordaudio

    Salt in hair required.

    First off, thanks for responding. I will dig into tvt nvr's after this post, but I ordered an new nvr last night. I am pretty well versed in setting up all networks and surveillance systems. Your example is understood, but there are not any ways to identify the cameras inside the NVR. That is the issue. there are no network settings or fields that would allow the NVR to recognize any other IP address other than its own. I will take pics of the interface later today and post. I feel the only way to do this is with third party software. Its brutal and the amount of time I have spent is gross. I purchased an onvif nvr because someone added an onvif camera a few years ago. You may be right that it doesn't work, but the new recorder has a ton of formats it will accommodate, so its worth a try. Any headway at this point would be a plus.
  4. Bradfordaudio

    Salt in hair required.

    It’s at the the recorder location. Rear facing ports but front panel dip switches that turn on and off POE per port. Never saw one when I laid eyes on it. What am I missing when it comes to pointing cameras to the recorder?
  5. OK I am in integrator that is trying to help a new business out. Existing space has 12 IP cams all working and feeding into an LTS ltd 2816NE-L NVR, DVR, EDVR, hell , at this point, I am not sure what it is. the recorder has 2 250GB drives installed and I can access the interface. This device has a very basic configuration, but here is the kicker. I am totally clueless as to how the cameras are feeding into the recorder. There is an external 16 port POE switch that the cams are hooked up to. That is it. There are no configuration tabs or links to point the cams to the recorder. I don't get it, and I want to understand. I am that sort of person and I am at wits end with this. The manufacturer is no help and are not willing to help (LTS). I have googled, you tubed, deep dived, asked peers in my area (Charleston, SC), called other surveillance companies, no dice and of course some people do not respond. Looking through support on LTS, I am ASSUMING, the this set up uses CMS 2.0? I have the software, but the instructions on how to use it are not really instructions, but more of a glossary of fields in the software. I solicited LTS for the user manual on the recorder, nothing. I don't have much time left, the computer on site that was left with the restaurant (this is where the system is) is not functional. So, if you are local and reading this, and are familiar with what I am talking about, I will pay you. I don't care, I just want to know how these older systems work (2013 ish). It makes me a better installer. If you are not local, I will pay you, for the same reason above. Or, if you are just a good soul, can read between the lines as they type of person I am, please feel free to reach out or post a response. I am looking to move quick and if I don't hear anything from this forum, I will replace the recorder with a new ONVIF NVR, which I know will work. Thanks for lending an ear.... Brad Temple