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  1. I've been running BI5 on an older win10 computer and thought most issues were straightened out. Suddenly, both cameras began going off line frequently then randomly coming back on. I disabled 1 camera and the other has been working consistently. I'm assuming this means there was a conflict where both cameras are fighting over the same resources. Camera settings/Video/configure/ Both cameras have static IPs. The currently disabled camera is xxxx.125, the working camera is xxx.124. The server is .120. The working camera has the RTSP port as 554 and the discovery/ONIF port as 80. What should the port of the currently disabled be? What should the MainStream url be? Separate issue: the disabled camera is nite vision capable but that feature is turned off. How do I turn it back on? Working camera: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BN ... UTF8&psc=1 but goes on and off line. disabled camera: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082Y ... =UTF8&th=1 The working camera now is frequently going off as in "No Signal" then it comes back on or not. Restarting with the phone app may or may not force it back on. Disconnecting the ethernet cable from the POE switch does cause it to start working again. Comments?
  2. What format are the videos usually? Can't he just buy an IDE enclosure, plug it into a computer and browse for the video files?
  3. That's more clear. You're saying they won't work with another brand NVR but should work if running on a computer. If used with a system on a computer the cameras become simply a dumb piece of hardware similar to any plug-in camera hooked to a computer. What brands do you like? I don't necessarily want cheap, prefer value for dollars spent. At the end of the day, it has to record decent quality and be controlled by me.
  4. Tech support thinks the problem causing no camera response is the power supply inside the NVR. I plugged the cameras in to a POE switch and get them to light up. I've decided to add a shop and another building for storage so will need the system to expand in a few months. Is there anything from the current system that can be used? What about the cameras as long as I'm willing to live with their image quality? Do the cameras themselves pose a security risk? Do you have a recommended NVR or minimum requirements to look for to avoid pp quality like ezviz?
  5. Middle Tennessee. No cell reception within 1/2 mi of the property. It's a 2nd location. Has good internet. I do need a place to upload the data in case the thieves steal system. I the was thinking of changing to a computer run system and having backup files uploaded to DropBox or similar.
  6. That's unfortunate because I hate being monitored myself upon AND this place is out in the boonies AND the meth heads (at least 1 or 2) have discovered it and think they can go shopping like they're at Wallmart. I'm hoping that I don't have to make surveillance systems another hobby to learn a lot and come up with a system that will record intruders while I'm not there and notify me on my phone when something trips the wire. Renting a service is out because I want to keep control of my data just because I want to. Is there a down and dirty way that works? I've thought about running BlueIris or something similar once I free up a computer to run it. I probably only need 4 cameras. Can you pint to something simple and works? More projects I don't need.
  7. Several years ago I (mistakenly) bought an Ezvis 4 camera from a big box store. It worked for a while but was a hassle frequently not giving remote access, being too sensitive etc. Now the system boots but the cameras never show any video and in fact the cameras never even light up at all. It seem strange that the individual cameras would go bad at the same time. I think one has never been installed and is essentially new. I'm going to do something different (not sure what) and am trying to determine whether the cameras themselves are salvageable or should be thrown in the trash. My question: should the lights if a POE camera light up when plugged directly into a cat5 cable? I've confirmed that the cable works with my laptop. FWIW, the system is https://www.samsclub.com/p/ezviz-8x4-1080p-nvr-2tb-hdd/prod20596105 I opened the case of the NVR and there is a camera system specific IDE HD. Not sure what chip or other hardware is in the box. There are 8 camera ports - a pretty simple setup. I may put the drive in an enclosure and look around.