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    Camera tv connection

    First thank you so much for answering... Second I think the top extender gets a signal from the coaxial cable and turn it into an hdmi signal... So the coaxial is in and the hdmi is out... I need the reverse.... I need an hdmi cable in and an antenna or (I think it is called coaxial) cable out Because the antenna cable is the one going through the walls and reaching the tv screens... so is there such a thing??
  2. Hello there.I have just installed a cctv system in my clinic and it is working great. it is broadcasting on one screen in the management room were it is attached by an HD cable directly. I need it to broadcast to other screens in the clinic but it is very difficult to extend any HD cables it will be ugly and impractical. If I told you that there is an antena cable reaching these screens that I don't really need fot tv. Can you give me any solution how to use it to get cctv feed instead of tv (cause who needs satalite tv in a dental clinic any how). Also the screens are smart and the dvr has an extra feature of connecting to the internet and proadcast to my mobile phone via an app but this app is not available on the screen So these are the 2 factors I have. The antena cable..and the ability to connect the dvr to the internet of course an offline method would be better to preserve data and because we don't actually have an internet cable yet please think with me. I feel that this antenna cable can do something