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  1. Gewitty

    Long distance connection

    Hi Tom, I wasn't planning to spend a huge amount on a camera, just enough to get something with good resolution for both day and night images. As I mentioned previously, the reason for this is some incidents of low-level vandalism that I'm trying to capture evidence of. Another thought that occurred to me is that I might also consider using a wildlife camera trap. These are easily concealed and are triggered by movement, offering both still images and video footage of events. My location by the way is Ireland.
  2. Gewitty

    Long distance connection

    That's great. Thanks Tom. I had a feeling that the ethernet power adaptors would be OK over that distance, but have never tried it before. I'm currently looking at cameras with dark infrared on Amazon. There seem to be a large number of them available, so it's really just a question of seeing which have the best user reviews.
  3. I have a long driveway (100m +) with automatic gates at the front. Recently, we've been having a problem with some minor vandalism and I'm keen to install a CCTV camera that will detect and record any movement, day or night and also be viewable from inside the house. The problem is getting a connection to the camera. There are mains power sockets available at the gate, so I'm wondering if I can use an Ethernet extender plug which the camera can connect to. What I don't know is whether these devices can operate at that range and, if not, what other solutions might be available. Any advice would be appreciated.