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  1. plongson

    24v dc cameras

    Ubiquiti switch (passive 24v dc) ---->Ubiquiti Outdoor NanoSwitch (Passive passthru 24v dc) ---->camera goes here... Sorry for the confusion... Desperately trying to NOT use auxiliary power or an injector but with no 24v dc cameras out there, it's gonn'a be use an injector or no camera... Thanks for the help!
  2. New here...I have a dilemma and here is some background. We have a location where we need a security camera. That location has a Ubiquiti NanoBeam powered by a Ubiquiti switch putting out passive 24v dc. We also have a Ubiquiti Outdoor NanoSwitch there to split up the ethernet that also supplies passive 24v dc. We are trying to keep things simple and go strictly POE, not run dedicated power to a 12v dc camera. 1.) I cannot find an outdoor camera that runs on 24v dc, is one available anywhere? 2.) Is there a ethernet splitter that will drop voltage from 24v dc to 12v dc? 3.) Am I screwed? LOL I would REALLY like to just find a 24v dc camera... THANKS for ANY help you can provide!! Paul