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  1. There're more than 2000 VMS on eBay, which really brother me a lot in choosing the right one! As a newbie, I really just need help deciding what to purchase. I've mentioned my criteria below, any idea will be welcome!! - Constant recording - Features for effective video analytics - Constant recording - Take a look from afar If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!
  2. Thanks! Yes I'm using a nvr atm
  3. I used Dahua Cameras right now 12 for my shop
  4. Hi all. My job is a hotel manager, we need to renew our security system, which means I need to find a good NVR to set up. There's no staff have experience with CCTV, so I am here to ask for help. To enhanced the security of the hotel, we need a 24/7 recording cctv with functions like people counting, face detection etc. I'm looking for brand suggestions. I also know that there are so many products with 5 star reviews are fake so I don't believe them. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.
  5. Hi, some of my retail customers said they want traffic counting and more reports, while they can't afford retailnext or shoppertrak for every store. I've tried to propose the dashboard by hikvision and anyvision. Any other good advice? Thanks.
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    Agree with you, but honest people are rare now...
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    Hi there, just jumped in.